Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fence Jointure Celebration Continues

We had us a time.

We continue to celebrate the jointure of Fence magazine, the Institute, and the University.

Excellent readings were delivered by Fence's editor, Rebecca Wolff, and some of Fence's valued writers:

Arianna Reines, Prageeta Sharma, and Michael Earl Craig. A more diverse or illuminating reading could not be imagined.

Edward Schwarzchild, treasured Fellow of the Institute, without whose efforts the Fence initiative would never have begun, put it this way:

"I'm completely thrilled with how the stars aligned to bring this radiant journal into the university's orbit. FENCE will be an incredible presence on campus and it will inspire and instruct students at every level of their education, from undergraduate to graduate, across many departments."

A joyous dinner followed, about which more very soon. Do read the previous entry to know what the celebration is about. We will shortly post FENCE's own characterization of the inauguration.