Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Help Us Get the Word Out

Happy Fourth!

Liz Benedict read with Katha Pollitt on the 3rd of July, and the two were dynamic. Liz, who has worked extensively with the Institute read new work and a fun piece about sex-blogging (of all things) that she published with fellow teacher James Miller in his edited Dedaelus.

We slipped away to hear Jason Moran and his post-jazz trio, who were playing in the Summer Jazz Institute.

Wow. His "Artist in Residence" on EMI is one of the best Cd's we've heard in a long while.

We've agreed that we should focus on fashion across the summer. Peg Boyers wears a beautiful Missoni shawl. Marry Gordon wears beautifully symmetrical shoes. Frank Bidart's classic black on black on black on black is well saluted, as is the fact that William Kennedy inherited his father's 200 ties.

Let us look ahead to our literary 4th of July.

Cheers to all!