Monday, March 5, 2012

Russia: What Happens Now?

"[T]here is the habit that revolutions have of turning on their own. I have first-hand experience of this. Our revolution has not yet won, and fellow organizers have already on occasion asked me to keep my lesbian, Jewish, and American-passported self off the front pages."

"I realize that in throwing myself headfirst into organizing protests, as I have done in the last couple of months, I have given up the rarefied environment of a certain subset of Moscow intelligentsia, with its cultivated air of tolerance. In the worst-case scenario, the new Russia will be a xenophobic society that will have no place for someone like me. In the best-case scenario, I and others like me will have to come out of our shells and use a newly created public space to educate people about our differences." More.

So writes Masha Gessen today in her blog for the New York Times and International Herald Tribune. The Russian journalist visits Albany on Thursday 3/8.