Thursday, April 11, 2013

Destiny (1921)-- silent film with live piano tomorrow

Destiny, a 1921 German silent film, will be screened on Friday night at Page Hall-- with LIVE MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT by jazz pianist Mike Schiffer.

The film had a profound affect on young filmmakers of its time, including Luis Bunuel and Alfred Hitchcock.

Luis Bunuel said, "When I saw Destiny, I suddenly knew that I wanted too make movies. It wasn’t the three stories themselves that moved me so much, but the main episode – the arrival of the man in the black hat (whom I instantly recognised as Death) in the Flemish village – and the scene in the cemetery. Something about this film spoke to something deep in me; it clarified my life and my vision of the world."

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Picture: Bernhard Goetzke as Death.