Thursday, March 13, 2014

Maurice Walsh, author of The Quiet Man

The Kerry Writers Museum in Kerry, Ireland has a web page dedicated to Maurice Walsh, author of "The Quiet Man," the basis of the John Ford movie to be screened at Page Hall on Friday.

"Maurice Walsh was born in Ballydonoghue on 2 May 1879. He was the third child of ten and the first son born to John Walsh, a local farmer, and his wife Elizabeth Buckley who lived in a three-roomed thatched farmhouse. John Walsh’s main interests were books and horses and he himself did little about the farm, preferring to have a hired man. The most famous of these was Paddy Bawn Enright, whose name was to be immortalised by Maurice Walsh in his story The Quiet Man (though the name was not used in the movie version). John Walsh passed on to his son not only a love of books but also legends and folk tales and the theory of place that were later to be a feature of many of Maurice’s books."


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