Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poet Peg Boyers on "Outing on the Hudson"

Peg Boyers, who reads tomorrow in Saratoga, offers poetic commentary on the 1850 painting
"Outing on the Hudson" (pictured here) by an unknown artist.

"Hardly native and far from naked, these dignified
loungers by the Hudson stroll in their Sunday best,
white as the lilies in the foreground, white
as the sails on the little boats below
navigating the river, white as the scentless smoke
pluming up from the passing steamboat. In this Sunday idyll...."

Read more in Slate.

Hear Boyers read the poem at the Tang Museum in Saratoga here.

Boyers will share the stage with major American fiction writer Ann Beattie, tomorrow, Thursday, July 19th, 8PM, Davis Audiorium, Palamountain Hall, 815 North Broadway, Saratoga. Free.