Friday, January 31, 2014

Walter Mosley Brings Easy Rawlins Back from the Grave

Bestselling crime fiction author Walter Mosley, who visits UAlbany this coming Tuesday, 2/4, brings
back his iconic detective "Easy Rawlins," who drove his car over a cliff some years ago, to star in a new mystery novel set in Los Angeles during the heyday of "Flower Power."

More about Mosley's upcoming visit with crime author and UAlbany professor Frankie Bailey:

R. A. Brooks Sr. has a review in Black Books and Reviews:

"Powered by some weird concoction called Gator’s Blood given to him by good friend and conjure woman Mama Jo, [Rawlins'] latest journey takes him to the Los Angeles hippie culture and community in 1967. It is a world of free love, psychedelic drugs and for the first time since his days as a soldier in World War II France, Rawlins sees a truly color-blind world."

"But once he steps back outside that world, all the demons, evil and racism remain, stronger than ever. There are the racist cops who want to arrest and destroy him, and the racist thugs who want to kill him. And, oh, the black thugs too."


Picture:  Denzel Washington as Easy Rawlins in the movie adaptation of the first mystery in the series, Devil in a Blue Dress.