Monday, March 23, 2015

Elisa Albert's "After Birth" in the NY Times

Elisa Albert shares the stage with Yelena Akhtiorskaya on Thursday, March 26.

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Merritt Tierce reviews Elisa Albert's new novel After Birth in the New York Times Book Review:

"Albert has inherited the house Grace Paley built, with its narrow doorways just wide enough for wit and tragedy and blistering, exasperated love. And no one is better suited to manage that ­estate, to keep it unapologetically going, to keep its rooms of inquiry open. Paley found the seam where the important and the madcap are stitched together on the ­underside of life, and here is Albert working that same territory. Her Ari is bold enough to put motherhood up on a pedestal because its sanctity is as undeniable as it is dangerous. But she also wants to be sure you know the pedestal is made of ­excrement and tears and vomit and breast milk and the very selves of a billion unknown women."

"No doubt After Birth will be ­shunted into one of the lesser subcanons of ­contemporary literature, like 'women’s fiction,' but it ought to be as essential as The Red Badge of Courage. Just ­because so much of mothering happens inside a house doesn’t mean it’s not a war: a battle for sovereignty over your heart, your mind, your life — and one you can’t bear for the other side to lose."

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