Thursday, March 7, 2013

Books about duos, pairs, twins

Christa Parravani's favorite books about "duos" (pairs, twins, twosomes, etc.)....

"After living life as one half of a pair, photographer Christa Parravani nearly buckled under the crushing loneliness of being twinless. Her long-suffering twi...n sister, Cara, died of a heroin overdose at age 28—she had been violently raped and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder for several years. Christa's debut memoir, Her, captures the transcendent closeness of the twin relationship as well as her own anguish and descent into depression upon facing the world alone. Combining Cara's diary entries with her own chronicle, Her is a survivor's testament of grief and sisterhood. Brooklynite Parravani shares her favorite books about the intense bond of duos."

Christa Parravani visits UAlbany today to present her new memoir about her deceased twin (just named's "Debut of the Month," March 2013).

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