Friday, March 29, 2013

James Salter Wins New Literary Award

James Salter, who visits Albany on April 4, has won a new $150,000 literary award established at
Yale University.

"Yale University rained glory and gold on nine writers today (March 4), as it announced the winners of the Windham Campbell Prize, a new literary award worth $150,000 for each recipient.

The most prominent winner, James Salter, is best known for "A Sport and a Pastime," an erotic novel which has attained literary cult status in the half-century since its publication. Among his peers, Salter, 87, is widely regarded as the dean of American fiction writers. Knopf will publish Salter’s sixth novel, “All That Is,” in April.

The awards honor "outstanding achievement" for emerging and established writers of fiction, nonfiction and drama."

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