Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colson Whitehead, Best Literary Twitter Account

In December 2010, the annual Village Voice Web Awards honored Colson Whitehead, who visits Tuesday 11/1, with the distinction of "Best Literary Twitter Account":

"Writers tend to use Twitter for self-promotion. Colson Whitehead uses it to express self-loathing. There are his failures as a parent ("The kid, as she repeatedly drives my fist into my face: 'Why are you punching yourself?' Me: 'I want to feel something' "). There are his struggles with depression ("Oh, look: my despair is crowning. So glad I'm here. To think they used to stand outside in the waiting room with cigars")...." More.

Whitehead established himself as a hip critic of popular media (TV, music, etc.) in the Voice before he turned his energies and talents to fiction.

To celebrate the publication of Zone One, the Voice is currently paying tribute with some excerpts from Whitehead's music reviews on the paper's blog.