Monday, October 1, 2012

Junot Diaz Hates Writing Short Stories

"Every writer is cursed or blessed with a unique creative metabolism: the distinctive speed and efficiency with which he or she converts the raw fuel of life into the mystical, dancing blue smoke of art. Junot Diaz's metabolism is notoriously slow. His fuel just sits there, and sits there, and maybe every once in a while gives off a tiny ribbon of damp smoke, until you start to worry that it all got rained on and ruined — and then, 5 or 10 years later, it suddenly explodes into one of the most mesmerizing fires anyone can remember."

Read Sam Anderson's interview with Junot Diaz in the New York Times magazine.

Diaz visits us for two events this coming Thursday, 10/4, 4:15 and 8PM in the Campus Center.