Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Electric Edwardians, This Friday at Page Hall

"Discovered in the basement of a photographer's shop in Blackburn, England, the Mitchell and Kenyon collection was an astounding find: more than 800 reels of camera negative from 1900 to 1913, packed in two sealed barrels that kept the films nearly perfectly preserved. Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon were itinerant showmen who traveled through the north of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, taking shots of local events and then presenting them as programs in local theaters, which the locals would attend in the reasonable hope of seeing themselves on screen, through a medium that was still astonishing and new."

Read more of Dave Kehr's review of Electric Edwardians in the New York Times.

The silent film compilation with modern soundtrack will be screened this Friday, March 2nd, in Page Hall (and take note of the fact that we are back in Page Hall).