Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sartre in the Age of Obama

Acclaimed Jean-Paul Sartre biographer Annie Cohen-Solal-- who speaks today at the University Art Museum about her book on Leo Castelli-- delivered the Sartre Society's keynote address last November, with a paper entitled "Sartre Reconsidered in Light of the Obama Era."

"Why did I submit a paper to the North American Sartre Society this year?... I did it because of Memphis and Martin Luther King, Jr. I did it because of Barack Obama. Then, I did it because of my own debt to Sartre, as being someone educated as a colonized Jew in Algeria, who managed to decipher my own cultural identity through Franz Fanon and Sartre. Finally, I did it because of the links that I always felt existed between African American leaders or intellectuals and Sartre. Because I decided it was now time for me to proceed in that direction."